Training Talk – Call Em All

Do you need to get the word out about an open house you are having and fast? Or how about a hot position you need to fill by the end of the day? By purchasing the Call-em-all feature, you will be able to contact groups of Employees  all at once with just a few clicks!

In the Employee search area, choose who you want to call by holding down your shift or ctrl key. Then just click the call em all icon circled below.

callemall1 Training Talk   Call Em All Then just decide what kind of message you want to send out. Announcement or survey?

Easy setup, easy execution. Call em all will generate a phone number for you to call so you can record your outgoing message. And if you requested that the¬†Employee respond to a survey such as “Press 1 if you are interested or Press 2 if you are NOT interested”, the results will all filter back into Enterprise automatically for you to view!

callemall4 Training Talk   Call Em All

Call em all is quick, convenient and may be the solution for your business needs!

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