Daily Training Talk: Write Offs

Tired of your AR not being exactly right? We all know those customers exist, somewhere out there, who ‘conveniently’ under pay their invoices by a few cents. You try to do your due diligence by posting your payments, but your AR continues to be incorrect because you’re simply going to write off those 4 cents they didn’t pay you. With the back office functions of TempWorks Enterprise, not only can you process your Invoices, but you can also manage your AR, accurately, by posting payments, write offs, and adjustments.

TempWorks Enterprise makes it easy to ensure your AR is accurate by being able to easily identify, at the time of posting the payment, if an invoice has been underpaid.

writeoff21 480x185 Daily Training Talk: Write Offs

Invoices that are under paid are easily identifiable with red text

Not only can you easily identify when a invoice was under paid, but when you make an adjustment or write off, TempWorks knows that the balance has be accounted for.

Writeoff 480x100 Daily Training Talk: Write Offs

Payments, Adjustments, and Write Offs are all taken in to consideration to determine if a balance remains

This functionality acts and an aide to ensure that your AR, GL, Accounts, and Reports are all correct.

For more information on Posting Payments, Write Offs, or other TempWorks functionality, please contact the training department at trainers@tempworks.com.

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