Daily Training Talk: Customer Required Documents

Remember that time when you almost lost your largest customer because you accidentally sent an employee over to them who wasn’t background screened?

What about that customer who requires that employees fill out a novel of paperwork before they start? Do you have an efficient process in place to ensure that they employee has completed all of those documents?

Lucky for you, TempWorks has a process in place to help you with these situations. Using the Customer Default – Required Documents function of TempWorks allows you to easily ensure that when an employee is getting placed at a Customer that they have all of the necessary processes/licenses/documents completed.

What’s even better? It’s simply a onetime setup. All you need to do is set it up on the Customer record, and it then defaults in to the Orders.

Req Doc21 480x67 Daily Training Talk: Customer Required Documents

Setting these on the Customer will default them in to their Orders. They can also be setup individually on the Order, if desired.

Therefore, if you somehow, some way, you try to assign an employee to the position and they don’t have the necessary information (the Required Documents) TempWorks will give you a friendly alert notifying you that you can’t assign them.

Req Doc 480x152 Daily Training Talk: Customer Required Documents

If you attempt to make an Employee a Candidate, or attempt to put them on the Assignment, TempWorks will alert you if they are missing requirements

We know that every customer is different, has different requirements, and TempWorks allows for that. If you staff for a warehouse, there is a good chance that the only job that they require a forklift certification for is a forklift job. The good news is – the Required Documents function of TempWorks allows you to setup requirements specific not only by Customer and Department, but also by Job Title.

You can go about your work, placing employees & filling orders, and not once do you even have to think about the fact that you’ve placed an employee on a position that is now out of compliance.

For more information on this feature, or other functions of TempWorks, please contact the training department at trainers@tempworks.com.

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