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Daily Training Talk: Ideas for More Effective Training

I am a firm believer in:    The management of a company will only be as happy with their choice of software as the end user is happy.  If Recruiters, Service Reps and Payroll/Billing folks are unhappy with their software, they will not use it to its maximum potential.  If people don’t know how the software operates, of course they will be unhappy with it! I recently had the pleasure of …

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Customer Empathy: How To Hug A Customer


Growing up, I had the chance to meet staffing industry sales professionals from all over the world. I found that the best ones were really good listeners and seemed to have an incredible knack for getting inside my head. I’m convinced that this sort of empathy played a big part in their business success. These professionals could analyze needs in ways that their clients couldn’t even express. And perhaps more …

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The Arithmetic Of Staffing


When my Dad taught me the arithmetic of staffing some 30+ years ago, it wasn’t necessary to be a Certified Public Accountant to understand the calculations. Thirty years ago, a gross profit calculation was as simple as Bill – Pay = Gross Profit. Back in those days, we enjoyed profit margins large enough where we didn’t sweat operation twists such as employer taxes and workers’ comp, since rates were so …

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The Niche Market Fallacy


A common fallacy in the staffing business is that pursuing new market niches will increase your company’s market valuation. I’m not sure where the fallacy originated, but I hear it propagated most by merger and acquisition broker-types that have fallen in the trap of confusing correlation with causality. Yes, there is a correlation – buyers often seek niche players as a way to enter a new market. But there is …

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Lessons From The Staffing Industry Crash Of 2002


If the stock market is any indication – and it is – the staffing industry is in for some tough times. I’m getting calls from friends in places like Dubai and France asking how bad it’s going to get. The Hang Seng was down more than 8 percent the other day alone, and the staffing stocks in the U.S. markets have already been cut in half over the last six …

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How Technology Has Changed The Staffing Industry


Although commonly associated with the rise of computers after WWII, staffing technology enjoys a long and rich history. Scheduling systems date back to the Chou dynasty when Chinese harem administrators developed algorithms to manage menstrual cycles and schedule conjugal visits with the emperor that would coincide with fertility. You can trace payroll back at least to ancient Rome, when paymasters devised a salary system based on salt (the word “salary” …

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