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Death By CRM


The view from a service-intensive business like staffing makes Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) very attractive. After all, CRM promises “high-quality customer care” with “24×7 customer access through web and wireless connections.” CRM promises to transform your fuddy-duddy staffing business into an agile powerhouse — bypassing the organizational inertia of your IT staff! Sound too good to be true? It is. The actual practice of CRM has proven to be …

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Let's Not Call Them Mergers


With few exceptions, the merging never actually occurs, and the event takes on the reality of the acquisition or closing that it really is, with disruption and unpleasantness for all parties involved. I received my education on mergers in third grade, when my elementary school ‘merged’ with another, and I ended up walking an extra mile to get to school each day. The staffing software industry has seen two mergers …

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