Daily Training Talk: Candidate Tracking by your Clients

  • Are your clients playing a part in the candidate selection process?
  • Are you submitting resumes to your client for the candidates you are presenting? 
  • Is it time consuming is it to prepare and present resumes to your clients?

I remember the good old days when candidates would walk in the door with their resume in a manilla folder in their hand.  We used to white-out their address and phone number then copy their resume and hope it didn’t look to shabby.   We would pick up the phone and sit through a lengthy call feeding the client information about the candidates we would like to present to them.  Sometimes we would even drive out to the client’s office and hand the hiring manager the candidate’s resume.

Technology has come a long way…  after the introduction of fax machines, scanners and email, we’ve still relied on the phone to communicate.  Somewhere along the way many people began communicating more via the internet than via phone.

With TempWorks Enterprise, using the Candidate Worksheet we can present candidates to the client electronically.  This is not only a faster way to get candidates to your client but it also creates a convenient “Self-Service” environment for your client.

From TempWorks Enterprise Candidate Worksheet you can “present” your candidates to your clients via TempWorks WebCenter to your clients. 

Candidate 280x198 Daily Training Talk:  Candidate Tracking by your Clients

Your clients can log in at any time and peruse Candidates, their experiences, education, skills and resumes.

Additionally, your clients can communicate with you via the Web Center.  They can request more information, reject or accept a candidate and request an interview. 

Capture 4 280x58 Daily Training Talk:  Candidate Tracking by your Clients

 Capture 5 280x47 Daily Training Talk:  Candidate Tracking by your Clients

This can all be done at your client’s leisure from any computer with an internet connection.

To learn more about presenting Candidates, or other TempWorks functionality, please contact the TempWorks training team at trainers@tempworks.com.

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