Daily Training Talk: Attaching Documents to Emails

Do you have documents you need to deliver to an employee or a client?  Do you present resumes to clients?  Do you send welcome packets to candidates?  Do you send job descriptions to employees?  Do you send marketing pieces to your prospects?

If you answer yes to any of these please know that you can attach all of these types documents (and more) directly within TempWorks Enterprise using the Email system.

When viewing any person”s record you can simply click the email icon and launch an outgoing email to that person.  From there you can click to attach a document from within TempWorks Enterprise or from your computer or shared drive:

Email Attachment 1 280x88 Daily Training Talk:  Attaching Documents to Emails

You can also email to a group of people (search result) and attach documents to that email, “hitting” many people at once.

When viewing the Document area of any record (Employee, Customer, Contact or Order) click on the email icon and that document will become an attachment to that email. 

Email Attachment 21 280x96 Daily Training Talk:  Attaching Documents to Emails

Email Attachment 3 280x99 Daily Training Talk:  Attaching Documents to Emails

There are numerous other ways to use the email attachment in TempWorks Enterprise, from the Order Candidate area you can attach Resumes to the Supervisor of the Order, from the Contact search results email a document to all of the Contacts, email a document to all Employees working on an Order, to all the Employees working at a Customer, etc…

Another very useful way to attach documents to an Email is from the Email Template Manager.  An Email Template can be created which can be used over and over again and it can have an attachment (or multiple attachments) that go every time that Email Template is used.  This can be used in many ways, one of which would be a Welcome Letter which goes out to all Candidates who have registered this week… Attached to that Welcome Letter can be all the documents that Candidate needs.

For more information about attaching documents to Email, or any other functionality, please contact our Training Department at trainers@TempWorks.com.


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