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Can Yammer Eliminate Emails AND Streamline Internal Communication?

Email is the new pony express. Email is a distraction. Email is for old people. These are sweeping complaints, but they contain some truth under the surface. While transmitting an email isn’t slow, it often requires takes time to convey the correct tone. (You may be staring at a blinking cursor thinking: Too terse? Too perky?  Too “Bill Lumbergh?”) Email is an interrupter, too, because we allow it to be – we’re …

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A Decade of Technology

It was a mere decade ago when I was actively working in Staffing. A decade ago we placed people on assignment and actually made a living out of it with no (none, zero, zip, zilch) technology.  My offices had no computers at all.  How did we do it? How did we manage resumes?  Skills?  Applications?  How did we dare go into the field with nothing to connect us to the …

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How to Avoid Commodity Hell

The staffing business is constantly evolving which makes it easy to lapse into commodity hell, the dwelling place of so many national staffing companies that have long since abandoned the entrepreneurial ethos not to mention the profitability that drove them to success in the first place. How to avoid commodity hell?   As I look around at our most progressive clients, one pattern of success stands out.   Although on one end …

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My Obsession with Everything Mobile


Uh oh.  The iPad and the New Yorker are gaining an even bigger grip on the Dourgarian household these days. You can see why from this somewhat NSFW (Not Safe for Work) video ad in which Jason Schwartzman, directed by Roman Coppola, teaches how to use the new New Yorker app on the iPad. With each passing day, my fascination obsession with everything mobile grows.  TempWorks Mobile looks great and …

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Time & Attendance Solutions From TempWorks


Whether your worksite is a call center or a warehouse, establishing a strong relationship with your client, or even winning an MSP contract sometimes requires you to provide a timekeeping solution that offers a faster and more fraud-proof form of reporting than the paper time ticket. Now what? Who do you turn to? There are dozens of credible time and attendance software vendors, but you may have already heavily invested …

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How To Get Your Staffing Company To The Top Of The Search Engines


In a recent post I discussed the failure of most staffing company websites to offer sufficient content to get listed high in search engine rankings (SERPS). The article touched on issues like proper URL naming and the importance of separate pages. This advice was all well and good because if you don”t have good content, you won”t get good SERPS.  But if you want to rank with the pros on …

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Death By CRM


The view from a service-intensive business like staffing makes Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) very attractive. After all, CRM promises “high-quality customer care” with “24×7 customer access through web and wireless connections.” CRM promises to transform your fuddy-duddy staffing business into an agile powerhouse — bypassing the organizational inertia of your IT staff! Sound too good to be true? It is. The actual practice of CRM has proven to be …

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The End Of Time As We Know It


If you”re too young to have seen one of my all-time favorite movies – “Breaking Away” – it”s about a coming-of-age rivalry between townies and preppies who leave an Indiana boy pondering his future after high school graduation. The scene in which a townie literally “punches” a time clock as a way of telling his boss to shove it is why I bring this movie to your attention. TempWorks is …

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Customer Empathy: How To Hug A Customer


Growing up, I had the chance to meet staffing industry sales professionals from all over the world. I found that the best ones were really good listeners and seemed to have an incredible knack for getting inside my head. I’m convinced that this sort of empathy played a big part in their business success. These professionals could analyze needs in ways that their clients couldn’t even express. And perhaps more …

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Let's Not Call Them Mergers


With few exceptions, the merging never actually occurs, and the event takes on the reality of the acquisition or closing that it really is, with disruption and unpleasantness for all parties involved. I received my education on mergers in third grade, when my elementary school ‘merged’ with another, and I ended up walking an extra mile to get to school each day. The staffing software industry has seen two mergers …

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