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TempWorks Customers Are Secure Despite "Heartbleed" Bug

From Paul Czywczynski, CTO, TempWorks Software: There has been a lot of news in the past 48 hours about a security vulnerability in a version of OpenSSL, commonly known as the “Heartbleed Bug”. OpenSSL is a popular cryptographic software library used to help keep Internet communications private, so understandably you may have questions about how this might impact your secure information. We take the responsibility of keeping your data protected very seriously at …

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Now That’s the Kind of Support I’m Talking About

This is the software company version of having every job order filled:

Manpower, Me and Salesforce Automation

In April of 1974 at the age of 16 I sat down at my Dad’s business with a Manpower sales training manual and started making calls. I was terrible at it.   My adult voice wasn’t yet developed and people would put me on hold and not come back just to avoid the irritation of talking to me again. But the Manpower manual said keep on making calls even when you’re …

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Customer Care Update

I learned about customer care when my Dad started his temp business in 1974. He personally renovated the staffing office which had been a grimy Manpower branch into a freshly painted, nicely carpeted, clean place with ample telephone extensions and service rep stations to handle what would soon become a good-sized, flourishing company. He recruited top staff specialists who enjoyed the efficient work environment.  Temp workers felt welcomed at the onboard …

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They Did It!

January is the toughest month in back office staffing.   Finally, the core support team can take a break at the Lone Oak Grill.  I have to thank everyone including a great group of clients who enjoyed record numbers in 2013.

Keep Calm and Implement Software

Here’s a great article on on Staffing Talk featuring our very own Taylor Mack. I’m proud of our teams and proud to be a part of customers’ success.  Nothing motivates me as much as knowing that the work we do helps staffing companies place more people in better jobs.

Tempworks Parking Lot Sunday Morning

Actually, it was almost noon Sunday morning when I took this picture.   The Vikings game was about to start.  Nevertheless, a small group of hard core Tempworks people were in prepping for the end-of-year data onslaught of client cutovers, W2 processing and what not.

Striving for a Great Customer Experience Every Time

Getting the customer experience right has never been an easy thing in the innovation business, especially when you double in size every four years as we have done since 1997.   It’s not just that the support issues get more complex as technology intertwines itself into every aspect of business, it’s also a simple question of scale. Ten years ago I was able to literally man the support desk on my …

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Tempworks CEO Reflects on 2013 and More

Our CEO, David Dourgarian, sent out an internal email this last week with a recap of 2013 and plans for helping our customers win in 2014 and beyond. I can’t print the whole thing, but I did grab one of his paragraphs and italicized it at the bottom of this post.  David notes how the staffing business has changed dramatically in the last five years, going from what was arguably …

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Our Client ILMG and the Future of Just-In-Time Labor

Staffing Talk’s David Gee has a post up about just-in-time labor which features our client ILMG and describes elements of our time and attendance product line. It’s a thrill to be part of the transformation ILMG is providing its manufacturing clients and to see how the ubiquitous internet is changing our most labor-intensive processes. Last night I had the chance to sit down with Kevin Prow of Tempworks who developed our …

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